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1) Who was Tutankhamun? The Boy king Behind the Greatest Treasures Ever Found 



Through five thousand years of history the name of one apparently insignificant boy stands out in Egyptian history above all others. But who really was he?  Hieroglyphics have only comparatively recently been rediscovered, opening up so much meaning from the dessert sands. This lecture puts Tutankhamun in the context of Egyptian civilization, considers all that is known about him and the great legacy of his discovery. It also tells the remarkable story of that discovery in 1922 and illustrates many of the most fabulous finds in what was perhaps history's greatest hoard. But it also asks, when it is appropriate to dig up the remains of the deceased and what has really been learned from so much research. It is hard for the modern mind to conceive such apparent faith and commitment and perhaps equally hard to resist "dissecting" everything to find some "inner truth". What was actually found is here revealed. 





  "I wanted to thank you for two wonderful lectures on Tutankhamun. Our members were enthralled and all commented on how well you researched the topic and illustrated that incredible civilisation . . "