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4) The Power & Glory of our Country Houses
          Their Evolution and Changing Role 

  It is often argued that Britain possesses the finest collection of "living" stately homes in the world. It is harder to deny that they represent one of the country's greatest assets and its greatest contribution to the decorative arts worldwide.  This lecture goes back in time to explain their origins in British history, the changing nature of society and the way country houses have evolved. This journey through their history illustrates the most magnificent examples in all their grandeur and beauty, while considering the impact they have had on society and its development. Consideration is given to changing roles and if they can still exert a powerful hold on society. How should we look on them today and how are they to survive and evolve in the future?

"Thank you so very much for the superb lecture you gave to our Society last night.  (We have) received several e-mails saying how much our members enjoyed the evening."

DIANA HOLDEN  (DFAS Programme Secretary)

 "Thank you again for your most interesting and informative lecture which was much enjoyed by our members. Thanks to you, we will now be adding many more "must see" houses to our lists motivated also by a greater understanding of their role and function in our history"


 TERESA WALLACE  (DFAS Programme Secretary)