Peace through understanding and cooperation



All these (with the exception of 'Hope this Day') were written over a short and on reflection, rather turbulent period in 2002. 

   It's so easy to forget where one was - so to speak.




On the departure of the Stad Amsterdam from Plymouth (1st September 2009)

Her yards & pendents glorious with ancient grace, fading to distant blue.
Well-wishers all, tiny part complete, look on, cameras strained to the future.
Warmed hearts in wind & unexpected sun, unite family of friends.
Sartorial politic, hirsute science & casual history mingle on a deck of optimism,
Our hopes, our fears to this wandering vessel are now safely stowed away.
Let this timely voyage speak to forgotten billions who missed the boat.
Our dreams turned piteous, leaving us in a sleepwalking inevitability.
Be with us most knowing family, in whom we place our future hope.
Will not this gentle sea be kindly to unspoken hopes this sunny day?
Will our knowing be shared, so small a band, so slight a splash?
When will our ship return & in her bowels, the truth we carry constant?
Know that Darwin was a loving man and in understanding reached the smallest creature,
Now let every soul by sea & land remember that brave floating Beagle.
Blow its course to calmer waters so in peace can breath our children's children.


What is Love?


Love is not the coming together of two committing,

Nor is it the act of bodily union.

Love is not the giving of gifts,

Nor the toil to help another needing.

Love is not the adoring of the crowd,

Nor the weeping of the bereft.


No, rather it is the fire that burns within,

It is the constant flame in the soul,

That grows inevitably as it lights,

That receives as surely as it casts.


It is, and yet your searching will not find it.

For as the knowing smile of two friends parting

Lingers like a beam of inner joy,

So love will simply radiate the space around it,

And as a sun, will easily light the world.




A Desert Called Peace


In the war on fear, everyone’s a loser.

Violence for violence, eyes for eyes.

Blind reaction for measured action,

And a cruel lashing out in ignorance.


A blood splattered politics of spin,

Sees only self righteous democratisation.

A creeping liberty of vice,

That condemns all creeds but it’s own.


We live lives superior in ability to hurt:

Charitable to the point of cruelty.

Crashing through time, pendulum swinging,

Only extremes by fear determined;


Terrorism, genocide, hunger, recession,

Armed with paranoia the damage is done.

Full swing of junk-food savagery,

Too clever to see the sense beyond,


Leaving wastelands for the helpless,

Minefields for the children,

Poverty for whole nations,

And a desert called peace.


Truly a Pax Romana!




Fear's Final Stronghold


Convention’s sanity grips in festering turmoil,

Life’s feeble rhythm pulls and peters out,

Turns this way and that struggling for meaning.

All form is lost and spirit sinks in chaos.

Time, the old enemy of experience, winks in jest,

And hope struggles through the mud of mockery.


Now grief grips without sentiment or purpose,

And darkness casts a greedy gloom over a wilderness.

What can I say to the young, the hopeful, the impressionable,

When all valleys seem grey and every plant withered?

When every instrument wills itself to malfunction

And friendly exchange with the passer by impossible.


A struggle against the Archangel would make some sense,

But this is an agonising suffocation of the soul,

Slow dance of death on the end of life’s rope,

And all those precious gifts tossed aside.

All dreams of fulfilment a distant memory.

Love too, that eternal rock sinking out of reach.


Forever further from its reach, I become less worthy

Until must come the final release to nothingness

And fears final stronghold.






(Dedicated to Chris Darwin)


A state most honoured in its absence,

A spirit more potent than earthly bondage,

Knowing the heaviest manacles of no consequence

And the wealth to waste, the darkest dungeon.


It’s sacred ring, a most precious hope,

A faith worthy of the greatest care.

Unconfinable, to live in mind and heart,

Yet fearless of the shackles real or not.


In a setting of confidence, safely nurtured,

To the conscience only does it truly answer,

But to trappings of power and rank regardless,

Yet to stand by held convictions to the last.


Clear to choose inaction without defeat,

Or by acting so avoid a dark betrayal.

Most precious to consider and all too rare,

But fearless, proud and independent all.


This is freedom!






 Copyright © 2010 The Chandos