Peace through understanding and cooperation


The Chandos is a non-political, entirely independent foundation committed to promoting the culture of peaceful coexistence through dialogue and the arts (without awarding grants) 

"For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, 

and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, 

and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education dispose them, 

what else is to be concluded from this, 

but that you first make thieves and then punish them."


Anthony Russell at a meeting in the Speakers House, Palace of Westminster, London  


These Buddhist words ('loving kindness' & 'truth') are recognised as echoing the shared heritage of all humanity. We hold that as the two elements of the Golden Rule; "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", they should be central to our lives, personally and politically.


A Quaker saying that well reflects the universal recognition that the culture of peace can only be spread through the determination and persistence of caring individuals. Consequently, central to the success of democracy is not only the requirement to occasionally vote but for each of us to participate in improving the world for all. The greater the number working with 'Mettã' & 'Thissa' for the good of those beyond their immediate circle of understanding, the better and truer the quality of that democracy.


Through various methods, The Chandos works to improve understanding. Believing that democracy is progress by dialogue and compromise rather than conflict, The Chandos works through seeking understanding and cooperation, to reevaluate our definition of civilisation. Peaceful or nonviolent means, far from being a passive force, are about active loving, requiring discipline, fortitude and on occasions great bravery against powerful forces. 

Anthony Russell is a Founding Advocate of  CIVIL-ISATION. 


We celebrate the great variety of individuals and organisations committed to these principles and seek to make these organisations as well as this 'spirit' better known. However, we also recognise the requirement to come together to speak with the single voice of compassion and truth. The Chandos undertakes research both in Britain and in Burma and strives to encourage dialogue and understanding.

The Chandos is funded by an endowment from the Russell family, lectures undertaken and from the percentage of sales of 'Evolving the Spirit' not given to charity.


The Founder Anthony Russell LECTURES on the arts and ethics. These are both straight addresses or occasions for interactive dialogue.

The principles outlined above are also articulated in his book 'Evolving the Spirit - From Democracy to Peace'




The Chandos is also involved in community-based projects:


  • URBAN TREE CARE - A group of recently appointed tree wardens within the Brockley Society (South East London), committed to democratic action to protect our natural environment for all, through information and encouraging greater participation.

  • HOMESHARE PROJECT - in conjunction with Shared Lives, Oliver Letwin MP & the founder of Uniitee, Bob Williams, helping to allow people to remain longer in their homes, while finding affordable housing for others, in an equal relationship.

  • LOCAL ENVIRONMENT QUALITY - Working with the Department of the Environment (DEFRA) to understand the requirements for greater local community cohesion, particularly around antisocial behaviour.

  • ETHICAL COOPERATION - A group of individuals and organisations working to create an umbrella organisation with a clear ethos for both business and peace builders. 

  • PEACE BUILDING - Working with our partners to promote these shared principles, including a peaceful approach to conflict resolution in Burma.

  • THE BIG DRAW - Leading a workshop in the British Museum to encourage greater participation in drawing, especially in the reticent. Also fostering greater understanding of different cultures.


"Forgiveness is actually not something that we do

so much as something that we are."