Peace through understanding and cooperation


  Following the National Gallery of London's exhibition of the same title, this lecture gives a heady mixture of 'superstar' painter, immensely rich patrons on the move and a city whose modern face hides behind a romantic mask. Though some were little better than modern hooligans, many a grand tourist was highly sophisticated and had a lasting impact on Venice and how it is perceived today. These are magical paintings by an Italian artist greatly influenced by British taste and Britain boasts the greatest collection of his works, both in public and private hands. While these views depict a serene dreamland and have always been highly prized, Venice is now in serious trouble and needs a truly global cooperation to save it from sinking forever.  


"Thank you very much for your recent lecture on Canaletto. All the committee reported on the excellence of your talk which has put them in a learned state of mind ready for our visit to Woburn Abbey! We very much appreciate you stepping in . . . and hope you will come back and talk to us in Kenwood again"

CHRISTINE RILEY  (DFAS Lecture Secretary) 

"Thank you so much for a most enjoyable lecture last night.  The feedback I received was excellent.  And the number of members and guests who attended was at record levels.  

So all round, a most successful evening.

ANNE ABBINK - Chairman, ADFAS, Byron Bay, NSW

"I just wanted to thank you so much for giving us such a fascinating lecture - you were a STAR and everybody wants you back!   You were a perfect start to our new year and on the strength of your lecture I know we netted in a few new members. Thank you again for a most rewarding evening, your slides were superb and what you had to tell us was wonderfully informative.”  

AUDREY RAYMOND - Chairman, ADFAS Sunshine Coast