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        Landscape perfectionist and royal favourite

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'Ted' Seago's refined landscapes personified a respect for the traditions of British landscape painting as well as impressionism. In Britain, he was part of a remarkable post-impressionist flowering that included the likes of Sickert, Munnings and Augustus John. What made Seago quintessentially English was the great subtlety of his colour control and peaceful landscape compositions. This refinement won him admiration from four generations of royalty and an international fan-base that would cause his exhibitions to sell out on the first day.

But you won't find his paintings in the Tate Britain, nor did his work ever find favour with the art establishment. This lecture compares his work with those masters he most admired, as well as with the contemporary trends he chose to ignore. It tells of his lasting appeal, asking whether he should now be considered a great master of British art.

The lecturer's father, artist Rodney F Russell, was a friend and lifetime admirer. In considering the classic technique of Seago, the lecturer is remembering a tradition passed down from his father and Seago alike. 

"Thank you so much for the best lecture of the year 
and no, I never said that to anyone before! 
Your illustrations of Seago's work were of such high quality and beauty.
The committee voted your lecture "Outstanding" this morning! "

ANN COLE  (The Arts Society New Sarum)

"I just wanted to personally thank you for your most enjoyable and inspirational lecture this evening on Edward Seago & artists.

The hour just flew past and the evening came to a premature close. 

Tonight's insight was awe inspiring, 

I've got hooked to google mail looking up some of the works 

shown this evening and can't wait to get my paints out."

KIM HOWARD (Arts Society member)

"Thank you so much for such a delightful and informative talk on Seago. Your slides of Seago's work are stunning - we have rarely seen such wonderful reproductions of works of art. I could tell by the warmth of the applause how much your insightful presentation was appreciated."

FIONA MUSTERS (The Arts Society Norwich)