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Architectural Design


Over the years, I've undertaken many projects for myself, friends and others, designing buildings and follies and advising over garden & interior design. I'm no architect but my background as an architectural historian and artist and my breadth of knowledge has proved useful.




Loft design with retractable steps:





The space in this flat did not allow for fixed stairs, so an aluminium step design (50kg) was counterbalanced with the loft hatch to create a "hobbies room" loft space with fully retractable steps.


Amendments to design for a country house


Original proposal:



Amended to give more light and better proportions (same plan):



And finally, a somewhat fanciful elaboration:



Final design / completed country house:


Interior consultancy for St George's Bloomsbury


Research & design work for the reordering for this £9m project to restore Hawksmoor's great Bloomsbury church (A Luke Hughes & Co. project).



 Fantasy drawing



 Drawing by Anthony Russell of a fantasy "headquarters" for the Anglican Franciscans in Zimbabwe.

This drawing was undertaken during a period spend driving ambulances and generally supporting the community in what were in reality very humble lodgings, attached to a school near Mutare. 




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